About Kloud Panda

Why we do it?

At Kloud Panda we believe people should stay away from tobacco products. As ex-smokers ourselves, we know anyone CAN get past them – if they have the right motivation.

We’ve dedicated so much of our time in hopes of proving that, so each of our e-liquids is lovingly crafted in small batches to be some of the most delicious and complex on the Canadian market.

Who are we?

Before you look any further, you’re going to want to know who we are. Well, here goes:

We are self-professed vape nerds. We know the word “nerd” might sound a bit weird, but hear us out. Each of us at Kloud Panda are ex-tobacco users and we all managed to add the “ex-” because we’ve pooled our professional and personal experiences into creating Kloud Panda – PhD-level organic and analytical chemistry, flavour and aroma specialization, and, most importantly, a will to want life, flavour, and pleasure out of leisure time.

We’ve turned being nerds into a hobby and then into a profession. We believe that if you’re not a nerd for something, you’re not having enough fun!

Technical details

At Kloud Panda we utilize the best standard lab operation practices involving stringent, multi-process quality control measures. Our manufacturing practice has been designed using the best lab operating procedures through our in-house PhD chemist. Our unique knowledge of lab practices and organic chemistry allow us to fully understand the implications of what we vape.

Our partnership with a Canadian flavour lab has allowed us to create a portion of our flavour concentrates that are specifically engineered to be used in e-liquids.

Health and safety certifications:

  • C.I.F.S.T. (Canadian Institute of Food, Science and Technology)
  • British Society of Flavourists
  • Registered Food Facility with the U.S. Dept. Of Health & Human Services
  • Kosher Certified Facility under the Supervision of the Kashruth Council of Canada
  • H.A.C.C.P. Compliance
  • F.E.M.A (Flavour and Extract Manufacturers Association)
  • Food- and Allergen-free facility

The Perfect Vape

That’s the question! We don’t have an answer for you because we’ve never found the “perfect” vape. So you tell us!

We’ve made our flavours – some unusual, we admit – to try and find our own perfection. But we want to hear your ideas too!